Business Owner's Policies


Business Owner's Policies

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Business Owner's Policies


A Business Owner's Policy or BOP combines: Commercial Property, Commercial Liability, and additional coverages and benefits specific to your type of business - into one convenient policy for the small business owner. Protected World Insurance Agency is presently and actively working for small business owners and their families in the U.S. states of Florida, Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio. Our knowledge of our offered carriers policy features along with our passion to properly match your specific needs and risks with the correct coverage - is how we provide our clients a great experience right from the beginning.

This agency has carefully aligned and developed relationships with our partner brokers and carriers in order to satisfy the vast needs of our business owners. Many of our carriers provide value added benefits such as risk mitigation training as well as services such as pre-hire criminal background checks for your consideration of future hires. We go the extra mile by working closely with the product underwriters to maximize the policy to your needs and budget. We will work to be efficient and take as little of your time as neccessary, and if you ever have a claim, we will be your advocate!

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(Upper Arlington, Ohio - August,2016)- Protected World Insurance Agency now represents StateAuto


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